Former Liberia president convicted of slavery

Taylor in Court | U.N Photo

Historic news this week from a special U.N court. Former Liberian President Charles Taylor was convicted of “aiding and abetting” crimes against humanity.

The charges included sexual slavery of women, and conscripting children to fight as soldiers, which is also a form of slavery. The charges are a result of Taylor’s support for rebel troops during the civil war in neighboring Sierra Leone.

The court determined Taylor did not directly command rebel troops who committed the atrocities, but he was guilty nonetheless because of his support for them.

“This judgment confirms that with leadership comes not only power, but also responsibility,” said the chief prosecutor in the case.

Taylor’s conviction on Thursday is the first time a former head of state has been convicted of war crimes since World War II.

You can read more in the Washington Post and the U.N. News Service, and see broadcast coverage on Al Jazeera.

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