Slavery in this Week’s News

We see slavery and trafficking stories throughout the world each week. It’s great news that journalists and bloggers are exposing the problem of slavery, and examining solutions to it. Awareness creates momentum for change. Here are 10 top stories that caught our eye:

1. CNN Freedom Project. “It’s time for anti-slavery action, Mr. President.”

2. The Huffington Post. “Human Trafficking Awareness Day: Spotlight on Domestic Workers.”

3. The New York Times. “A Google+ Hangout on Modern Slavery.”

4. News Track India. “NHRC looks into child-labour deaths in Bihar brick kiln.”–NHRC-looks-into-child-labour-deaths-in-Bihar-brick-kiln-.html

5. CNN Belief Blog. “College students raise funds to fight slavery.”

6. The Huffington Post. “China: Controversial Forced Labor Camp System To End, Media Reports.”

7. The Washington Times. “The Gray Haven Project: Local nonprofit helps victims of human trafficking.”

8. BBC News. “The girls stolen from the streets of India.”

9. The Examiner. “Recognizing slavery and human trafficking.”

10. The Huffington Post. “Thailand: Nearly 700 Rohingya Asylum Seekers Allegedly Held By Human Traffickers Rescued.”

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