Slavery in this week’s news

We see slavery and trafficking stories throughout the world each week. It’s great news that journalists and bloggers are exposing the problem of slavery, and examining solutions to it. Awareness creates momentum for change. Here are 10 top stories that caught our eye:

1. Yahoo! News. “Apple’s Child-Labor Problem Runs Deep.”

2. “Child Labour and Child Trafficking in Ga South and Dangme West—Christian Council leads mitigation efforts.”

3. GreenBiz. “How business can help achieve a conflict-free Congo.”

4. The Hill. “Heed Congo’s hero women – Send an envoy now.”

5. The New York Times. “Urging Action, Report on Brutal Rape Condemns India’s Treatment of Women.”

6. NBC Sports. “R.A. Dickey is off to India to aid an anti-human trafficking organization.”

7. The Washington Post. “India’s child maids face slavery, abuse and sometimes rape.”

8. Oregon Live. “Washington man gets 10 years in prison for sex trafficking.”

9. IRIN News. “Rainforest riches a curse for civilians in northeast DRC.”

10. WPTV. “Foster care sex trafficking: Pimps, labor contractors targeting youth in Florida foster care system.”

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