Free the Slaves has a challenge for you during this holiday season, a unique opportunity to create a chain of giving that reaches across the globe: Give a Gift, Get a Gift.

Make a donation to Free the Slaves today, and ask a friend to donate too. Together you will help us open the lock for thousands trapped in slavery.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Choose one of this year’s Free the Slaves Holiday Season Freedom E-Cards. Pick the card you like best, and choose a donation amount that is meaningful to you. Tell us who should receive the e-card and on what date.
  2. Then, ask a friend, neighbor, relative or colleague to send an e-card to someone else by forwarding this email. Make freedom viral.

 Free the Slaves Holiday Season

Freedom E-Cards


Create a chain of freedom. Send a Free the Slaves Freedom E-Card to a friend, neighbor, relative or colleague. Then ask someone else to send an e-card too.


The gift you give will protect children, families, and entire communities from being enslaved. And you can make it go twice as far by challenging someone else to do the same.

Free the Slaves can help people break free and stay free only with the ongoing support of thousands of donors like you. Your contributions help us rescue people from bondage, educate children to reduce their vulnerability to trafficking, and slavery-proof entire communities.

We can conquer slavery, if we all act together.

Dance Troupe Helps Free Slaves

dancing for a difference visits fts

Sowji Kilaru, president of Dancing For A Difference, meets FTS Executive Director Maurice Middleberg | Photo: FTS/FitzPatrick

Sowji Kilaru dropped by the Free the Slaves office recently to drop off a remarkable donation. She’s president of an organization to harness the creative potential of New Yorkers to make a difference in the world. We asked Sowji to tell us about her group:

“We created Dancing  For A Difference with two different goals in mind. The first was to establish an organization that was dedicated to raising awareness and money for important social issues impacting the South Asian Community. We found that in our communities, people are often reluctant to talk about the difficult things: illness, poverty, abuse – all of which are affecting millions of South Asians around the world every day. And we wanted to shed light on these difficult topics by sharing one of the most beautiful parts of our culture – dance.

“Our vision is to create an outlet for people to express themselves and foster a community of dancers, performers, and activists who use the arts to heal both themselves and the world. We raise awareness and funds via dance classes, choreography and shows. Our first show in New York City was held on November 1st at the Helen Mills Theater. In addition to a sold-out show, donors from around the world poured in their support for our cause. The show consisted of dance groups and artists from all around the New York area, including our own Dancing For A Difference Group. Thanks to all our supporters and performers we raised approximately $7,000 and we were able to present Free the Slaves a donation of $1,000. We hope to collaborate with one another on future programs!”

Thanks to Sowji and everyone involved with Dancing For A Difference for choosing to support the work of Free the Slaves.

New Congo Director Joins FTS team

crispin headshot 2014

Crispin Baderha

Free the Slaves is pleased to announce that Crispin Baderha is our new country director in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He’s already at work in Goma, leading our program to confront labor and sex slavery in mining communities, as well as forced marriage slavery in families.

Crispin brings a wealth of experience in international development and human rights work to FTS. He says our model for strengthening communities to fight slavery attracted him to the job.

“I visited the FTS website and found close links between community development, human rights and slavery,” he says. “The community approach to address the root causes of problems that undermine people’s development is what attracted me.”

Crispin holds a degree in applied pedagogy from the Teacher Training College in Bukavu. He worked a teacher and language consultant before joining World Vision to work on humanitarian projects. He’s also worked with the Eastern Congo Initiative to strengthen the operations of nonprofit and community groups. Crispin knows firsthand the social, economic and political landscape of the Great Lakes region, and their effect on community development. He has worked with private foundations, individual philanthropists, the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Canadian International Development Agency, and European governmental donors.

As FTS country director, Crispin will lead our in-country Congo team to provide support and technical assistance to our front-line partner organizations in the North and South Kivu provinces.

Please join us in welcoming Crispin to our team!

Read more about slavery in the Congo and our program to combat it on our Congo webpage.


Skip the Sweater, Give Freedom!

The holiday gift season has begun. Another sweater? What size? What color? Stand in line? Find a parking spot? Make it easy. And make a difference. Give the gift of freedom instead. Give a gift that will help end slavery. It’s simple and can be done from your couch:

1. Choose an e-card that sends the message you want to share. We have four to choose from.

2. Choose a donation amount that is meaningful to you.

3. Tell us who should receive the e-card and on what date, and we’ll do the rest. Done.

2014 FTS Holiday E-Cards


When you donate to Free the Slaves to honor a friend, colleague or family member, you can send them an e-Card to let them know that the gift is spreading freedom.

The gift you give will reverberate around the globe, protecting children, families, and entire communities from being enslaved. Your donation will help Free the Slaves reach our year-end fundraising target of $180,000. The funds willrescue people, will educate children, and will provide the critical community building that allows individuals to say “no more slavery.”

Together, we will conquer slavery. Give a gift that means the world. And, skip the sweater, the lines, and the driving, while creating a ripple effect that will change lives forever.


As the Thanksgiving holiday draws near, I would like to share a very special video message from the Free the Slaves staffers across the globe whose work you support. They risk their safety every day to help vulnerable and exploited communities break free from the inhumanity and brutality of slavery.

They’d like to say – in their own languages - how grateful they are for the donors who make freedom possible.

As I have traveled the world with our front-line teams, I have seen the results of our programs with my own eyes — and in the eyes of slavery survivors who have reclaimed their future and dignity. Although slavery itself is devastating, ending it is truly joyous work. I have been fortunate to see firsthand the impact that freedom brings to women, children, men and entire communities.

I invite you to celebrate that freedom with us this Thanksgiving. You are the key that opens the lock. From the countless communities you have helped bring to freedom, and all of us at Free the Slaves, thank you.