The Five Senses Spa Thai Massage in Culver City, CA is owned by Pranee Tubchumpol one of the six people indicted in the largest human trafficking bust in U.S. history. Photo by Ben Bertucci.

We’ve written a lot about the biggest human trafficking bust in U.S. history, involving the enslavement of at last 400 Thai laborers on American farms. Global Horizons Manpower Inc., the recruitment agency responsible for luring the workers into slavery has its headquarters in Beverly Hills. But that’s not where the Los Angeles connection ends.

Six people were indicted in this bust: Mordechai Orian—the CEO of Global Horizons—his three U.S.-based employees, and two colleagues who worked out of Thailand. All have been taken into custody, except the two based in Thailand. So far, they have alluded capture, and remain at large.

One of the U.S. employees was Pranee Tubchumpol. She was arrested in her home in Gardena, California, just a few miles from the west coast headquarters of Free the Slaves. Tubchumpol was reportedly the head of Global Horizon’s international relations, acting “as a liaison between workers, the Department of Labor’s H2A guest worker program and Thai authorities.”

She also operates a massage parlor in Culver City—also just a few miles away from FTS headquarters. Five Senses Spa Thai Massage, located at 4349 1/2 Sepulveda Blvd. was briefly closed, following Tubchumpol’s arrest. But, according to Culver City News, has since re-opened.

Another clear reminder that modern day slavery can happen right in our own communities.